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Winter Wardrobes, how is yours looking?

Or, what I really have in my closet.

This weekend I made a discovery that shouldn’t surprise me. I don’t like my winter clothes anywhere near as much as I do the lovely pieces I wear in spring and summer. This really shouldn’t be a shock, I love light, warmth and fresh air.

Despite having embraced the idea of dressing to suit my body type, my own personality and having fun with my clothes somehow I have hung onto ideas that no longer serve me. Ideas like winter is a time for sombre, dark tones, that wrapping up and being cosy is about bundling up in unflattering layers. The notion that no one will see what I am wearing if I spend a significant proportion of this season at home, and that looks likely to be even more restrictive than usual this year, has given me excuses in the past.

Oh dear! None of this makes my heart sing!

This autumn and winter has got to be different, if I am to remain sane and well. Right now I can’t change the restrictions placed on our freedoms. It is most likely that I will be unable to see many that are dear to me, unless this is done virtually. Hibernating in joggers, jumpers and bed socks with a goodly supply of hot chocolate, cake and gin is an option but not the only one.

So this week I shall go diving for the hero pieces that I do already have. It’s easy to spot these - each one made me smile when I pulled it from its summer hiding place and some even got a hug and a sniff - I do love the smell of cedarwood and most of my clothes are stored with cedarwood balls or sachets. These will remain as the backbone of my cold weather wardrobe.

Never fear, I do have the the warmth and vibrance I crave. It's possible to make a start now.

Here I have to be honest at my hatred of practical, wet weather outerwear so for now the coat that keeps me warm and dry on those essential walks will remain. The quest for the perfect solution remains and even I can accept that everyone needs to put being warm & dry above style. It’s never been a matter of how much I spend on these sensible items - none of them have ever felt or looked good and the closest any have come have been the cheapest so I remain optimistic I can stay in budget.

Whilst we are on the subject of budget, how on earth am I going to afford new clothes at this time? There are lots of ways. Firstly, just because the dark colours I have do not bring me joy does not mean that these won’t look fantastic on someone else. So part of this adventure is exploring the resale experience. Some pieces will go to charity shops but quite a few pieces are certainly worth offering on Depop and Vinted. I think I have a strategy worked out for this and will share my experiences as I go.

There! I am feeling better already and I haven’t spent a penny. This is going to begin in the same way I work with my clients, reconnecting with the treasure I already have. I shall be enjoying the memories and stories tied up in these clothes allowing this to energise me into making the harder decisions over what needs to go. And just like many of you, some pieces will have to go because Lockdown played havoc with my waistline.

Now it’s time for a healthy breakfast and to head out for a bracing walk - a not so gentle reminder of why I need to get my clothing right so I can stay fit & healthy which is everyone’s priority right now.

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