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What next? After the wardrobe edit

So we have all done the seasonal clear out, taken a load of stuff to the charity shops, got distracted and come back with an arm load of new season goodies that don’t work with anything we already own. No! Is it just me? Or maybe you do secretly recognise this.

Taking a little time when we bring out our winter staples and put away the summer loveliness can both save you money and also inject a bit of fun into getting ready each morning. You might not be doing the full Konmari process but the concept of looking for joy in our clothes really speaks to me.

As you go through your wardrobe please take the time to pull out those pieces that make you smile or you feel fabulous wearing. This is not the time to be practical, just concentrate on how your clothes make you feel for a moment. Keep these aside while you do the more practical sifting.

I talked about looking for the gaps in your wardrobe in an earlier post. As well as this, there are other sensible details to look out for: what is looking too tired to keep? what needs mending? Is there is anything that would benefit from a trip to a tailor or seamstress?

The wardrobe edit has really taken shape once you get to this stage. This is when you can go back to those hidden treasures, the pieces you really love. Are you currently keeping these for best? How imaginative are you allowing yourself to be about your favourites?

Now is the time to experiment. There is no law that says you can’t wear sequins on the school run. You will not be arrested for wearing a party dress under snugly, big knits. That summer mini dress can have a new life over polo-necks and skinny jeans or leggings. A favourite maxi-dress takes on a whole new look with a pair of boots and tailored jacket.

Taking this time to reconsider the clothes you already have and find new ways to wear them will reveal the few pieces you do really need to replace. If you love a list this is the time to write one and begin searching. You will have a much clearer idea of the colours and patterns that will work with the pieces you already have. A few new season pieces that update your look may be all that you need and sometimes you can even find these in local dress agencies or charity shops.

I love that we can adopt a more creative approach to the clothes we wear every day. Enjoying the way we present ourselves to the world makes getting out of the door such a pleasure, even on the bad days. If this helps in even the tiniest way to reduce the stress you feel about how you look then I hope you go on to create some fabulous outfits. However, please get in touch if you feel that you need a little guidance.

Isn't this a perfect transitional piece? How would you style this for the autumn?