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The Dress

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

You just know it when you see it. I realise that’s not helpful, you come to a stylist for some guidelines, advice on what suits and what doesn’t. I can do all of that for you and then there’s The Dress!

My one true love, in the wardrobe that is! It really was love at first sight, before I ever tried it on, I just knew. We were away for the weekend staying with a big group of friends in Arundel. After a fabulous visit to the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust with our 7 year old and the rest of the group, we spent an hour mooching around Arundel itself.

There was a Dress Agency! Do you know how much I love a pre-loved treasure? Maybe I told you already; there are few things that give me more pleasure than slipping on something beautiful and knowing that this has a backstory. I tried on a few things, including The Dress.

It was the first thing that caught my eye, heavy well-cut denim in the perfect shade somewhere between brand new and washed often enough to be a piece I had owned for years. I won’t lie, I did notice the DvF buttons and how well constructed it is/was. Not surprisingly, it is a wrap dress which is not a look I had had much luck with in the past. Always too big on top if the fit was right on the bottom and gapey in a way that made me uneasy.

The Dress was the first piece I put on. The shop assistant sighed, I knew, my husband said “that’s nice” in a flat tone, my son beamed back at me. I tried on a couple of other things. Both were dresses and much more fitted & showy. My husband loved the vintage purple bodycon dress by a New York designer. It did look good so that went on the counter. There was a second piece which I cannot recall in any way, both my menfolk responded positively to this so that went on the counter too.

But The Dress, the one that I instantly felt at home in, that changed the way I stood, that gave me a feeling of attitude despite a second try on, all the shop assistant’s kind words and the unbelievable bargain price it went back on the rail. The party was great, it was all about our friend. There was dancing, laughter, food and booze; a perfect night. Such happy memories!

One thing could have spoiled that weekend, if I hadn’t taken a deep breath gone back into Arundel for The Dress. Our son was delighted as he had loved the hanger, padded and scented with lavender - a mysterious and luxurious item. My husband was frankly puzzled, I had two designer dresses for a snip. Why did I need another?

One, I cannot even recall it, was exchanged for The Dress.This is still my most treasured piece, cost just £30, and everytime I wear it heads turn and there are compliments. Comments are rarely about the dress much more often it will be about how well I look, or my hair, sometimes my shoes or so vague that I simply feel appreciated. The Dress doesn’t shout, it isn’t showy, it is just the perfect dress for me.

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