My Colourful Story

I have loved studying on the Colour Analysis for Creatives course with the London College of Style this autumn. As the course draws to a close I see that this is part of a journey which began back in the 1980s. A lovely colleague had trained as an image consultant and we had a series of sessions together. She recommended Autumn colours to me and gave me a wallet of swatches, as a guide, which I still have today.

For many years the advice she gave me informed every shopping trip. Understanding the effect that colour had on my appearance saved me so much time and money. There were a few regrettable purchases, of course - I am just a woman who likes clothes after all, but that was rarely due to the colour of the items. It took much longer for me to understand the importance of fit and styling.

Along the way I allowed myself to get confused by the natural changes to both my complexion, hair and the way I felt about myself. At this point, the colour swatches disappeared and there were many more pieces that were worn once and then consigned to the back of the wardrobe.

One of my saving graces is that I had discovered thrifting, shopping the secondhand outlets, many years before. This remained a guilty pleasure though it wasn’t until I started to consider climate change that I began to let go of the guilt. I had begun taking those first few wobbly steps on the road to living more sustainably. This was a time of a rediscovery, a love affair with colour rekindled. I began experimenting and playing once more.

I am so happy to be able to add Colour Analysis to the skillset I offer my clients. I am asked too often if it will be necessary to throw out all the “wrong” colours from a women’s wardrobe. Funnily this is rarely a guy’s first reaction - they are more likely to consign tee-shirts in unfriendly colours to their DIY wardrobe or suggest their wife turns them into dusters. Ok, not all men! There are so many creative ways to continue enjoying pieces that you might buy have bought in a different colour if only you'd known. Learning to get creative and bolder when combining items can be a revelation.

Finally, in the spirit of full disclosure, studying colour and the psychology of how we dress has led me back to that Autumn palette. LCS has a very creative approach to seasonal colour analysis and I find I have a wider choice than I had limited myself to back in the 1980s. However, the break up between me and my Autumn colours has had an impact and there are clothes in the closet that I wouldn’t choose now. I am now going through the same process I work through with my clients.

Would you find it helpful if I document my journey through this process?

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