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Let’s talk about Colour!

Sharing ideas with Caroline Giaconella

“Colour expresses something in itself.” Vincent Van Gogh

My good friend Caroline & I met over a love of jewellery. Our paths went in different directions and now we both find ourselves exploring colour from different perspectives. Again we find more similarities than differences.

I asked Caroline, the woman behind Be Flamingo Mala, what colour means to her:

“Colours bring a multitude of energies. The colours that we choose to wear can show and influence the way we feel and how we want to be perceived.”

It was no surprise to realise that she works with the same intention of harnessing the positive energies of colour in her own work. Caroline creates beautiful mala necklaces.

A mala is a necklace formed of 108 beads on a hand-knotted string. These are made with crystal beads and each crystal has its own unique properties.

Aligning her clients intentions and aspirations with the colours and healing properties of the crystals she uses is an important part of her creative process.

“Many cultures have used the power of colour to heal people. Expressions like feeling blue and seeing red are a way to express emotion through colours.”

She encourages clients to consider these questions as they make their choice:

What do I want to achieve?

What is my intention?

What am I trying to manifest?

Am I looking to cultivate more love in my life?

Or do I need calm, motivation, creativity, confidence?

It won’t come as a surprise to know that these questions are so similar to the ones I consider with my own clients. When we make choices about the clothes we wear, the accessories we choose and align these with our goals then this becomes something way more powerful than simple garments or even fashion.

The psychology of colour is a massive field and it’s easy to get hooked when you realise the transformative power of finding the right colours for you.

With a mala necklace you can rely on intuition, match it with a chakra you want to energise or explore the impact individual colours might have on those around you. Citrine brings a glimpse of joy to those nearby, perfect for anyone who wants to see smiles. A beautiful pink stone, like rose quartz will bring more love, self-love, acceptance and calmness.

In my own work, I look for the effect that colours have on the natural, unadorned faces of my clients. The right shades will bring light and a luminous glow to all complexions. A very slight difference can highlight shadows, blemishes and wrinkles. Colour literally can lift you up!

Assigning each person a seasonal colour palette is the opposite of limiting their choices. There is a perfect shade or tint of every hue for us all. When I need to feel powerful I know that I have choices in my Spring palette. If I am hoping for a huge statement it has to be bright purple, though I could opt for a quieter confidence with a medium violet.

Do you consider the impact you want to make when you get dressed?

“Colour expresses something in itself. One can’t do without it; one must make use of it. What looks beautiful, really beautiful — is also right.” Vincent to his brother Theo, c. 28 October 1885

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