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Brave Starts

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

How many of us have thought “wouldn’t it be wonderful to be my own boss and insert your favourite fantasy here”? For most that’s where it ends but some do take the plunge. A few weeks ago I was lucky to be able to speak to Lucy Standing about her initiative Brave Starts, helping over 50s to do just this.

Older entrepreneurs are generally more successful than younger ones, and this 50+ age bracket is the fastest growing group of those starting their own business. For these intrepid individuals there hasn’t been the support, help or community available that is readily accessible for younger self-starters. Until now that is!

Years of experience as a psychologist working in business has given Lucy insights into how people make these transitions successfully. Brave Starts provides just this kind of support with the added bonus of a shadowing programme.

A healthy dose of realism can be the difference between an expensive mistake and a life-enhancing experience. There is just as much value in participants being disillusioned by their shadowing experience as any inspiring, motivational day. Seeing that the day to day reality of a new venture doesn’t fill you with joy can save so much heartache and potentially a ruinous financial investment.

We all have transferable skills, a wealth of experience but everyone can do with a bit of guidance and specific wisdom from the field being considered. Personally, I researched the different ways in which stylists trained and worked. This quickly helped me see that I wanted to work independent of any franchise. The benefits of access to websites and a recognisable brand were not enough for me to give up my unique niche. I chose the organisation I trained with based on the recommendations of those with experience and so far no regrets.

I wish I had known about Lucy at the beginning of my journey but it’s not too late. Having signed up for the newsletter I am excited to see her insights and to follow the stories of other late-bloomers. There may even be scope to benefit from her programmes as I grow my business.

I am always happy to champion those celebrating and supporting women like me, not quite ready for my slippers and knitting yet. Give me a beautiful pair of brogues and a fabulous frock anyday! Lucy Standing is helping similar entrepreneurs aged 50+ to build their own business, leaving a tangible legacy or sometimes just finding joy in their working lives once again. A Brave Start!

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