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Be Conscious - Ethical style gets intimate!

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

What you wear next to your skin really matters

Finding ethically produced bras and undies that are also attractive, supportive and up to the rigours of everyday life is less straightforward than a trip to M&S used to be. That said, there are many reasons for seeking out pieces that do have eco-credentials. Key for me is that I don’t want to feel queasy about the conditions garment workers went through to give my boobs a boost. There is more to it than that of course!

The fabric that our most intimate garments are made from is closer to our precious skin for longer than any lover. Sometimes we make risky choices and hopefully don’t live to regret these too much. Those we choose to share our lives with we generally take time to find out whether this is a good fit.

Why treat your skin with less respect than your love life? Is the cotton GOTs certified? Or could the fibres still contain toxic residues that are irritating your skin, even entering the bloodstream. Are the man-made fibres sustainably sourced or is your bra going to quickly contribute to landfill? There are options for manufacturers to use deadstock fabric and this will be increasingly important following the disruption of supply chains during this pandemic. Do you know which new fibres are being developed and how they contribute to a more sustainable life for all? If not then look out for tencel, lyocell and bamboo. Or maybe just drop me a line.

Today’s Favourite Five:

  • Comfy basics

Mix and match basics are important in any wardrobe. I began with a bralette and pants as these have become a staple of the lockdown wardrobe. Go on, be honest - when was the last time you wore a bra?

This BAM bralette isn’t the cheapest at £29 but there’s a whopping 20% discount if you buy 3 items. Maybe you don’t want to know how long I have had my BAM pants but in the spirit of full disclosure - at least 3 years, possibly longer.

BAM began in 2006 with the goal of establishing a viable and environmentally sustainable clothing business. Don’t let anyone tell you that because a product is made from bamboo it is truly sustainable. BAM is doing the heavy lifting. To create bamboo viscose an industrial process is required and specialists are needed. Not surprisingly these are to be found in China so there are air miles involved. Any industrial process produces waste and viscose requires chemicals in production. It is important to check that the company you are buying from understands their supply chain and that they have checked environmental impacts at each step of the process. A policy on the website needs to translate into action and it’s generally a good sign if there is someone on the payroll who is responsible for monitoring this.

  • Elegant everyday

Many of us require a more supporting bra, though I have no intention of returning to anything underwired anytime soon. There are some very cute options available like this blue & lilac one from Amaella which can be worn with two different strap arrangements.

This is a brand specialising in organic cotton priding themselves on saving the environment from pollution, saving your skin and intimate parts from contact with toxins and protecting the land and livelihoods of cotton farmers. I haven’t bought from them myself yet, though I do have my eye on a red and pink bra in the same design as the one here.

  • Bright colourful

The name of this brand alone is fun, so I couldn’t leave out Thunderpants. Big knickers! Every wardrobe needs big pants and this goldfish print is glorious. Made from GOTs certified cotton in India to finishing by small companies in the North of England, at each step the process is traceable. There are no toxic pesticides, azo dyes or dangerous chemicals. And these pants make me smile!

  • Luxurious boudoir

Making sustainable choices with our clothes does not have to look either worthy or wholesome. There are some brands offering absolutely gorgeous pieces to add glamour to your boudoir. Just look at this burgundy silk playsuit (above) from Ayten Gasson in Brighton! Known for working with local companies, lush ethical fabrics and vintage lace this brand is right up there on my radar now and the wish list is growing.

I will only be replacing my undies when they are a cause for embarrassment, however each replacement will be a tiny bit of gorgeousness.

  • Sexy

Lara Intimates has a tiny range of very sexy lingerie. Made exclusively from deadstock this brand is zero waste, low carbon thanks to their production base being in London. Their dream of reviving women-led manufacturing in the textile industry is the reason behind their exclusively female workforce.

Finally, I am not including pics of the Colie Co collections because these are HOT! Here’s a link in case you think that to Be Conscious has anything to do with a virtuous life.

Please note there are no affiliate links from this blog post. I wish sustainable brands had the budgets to do this and if they did I would proudly shout about it. This is also not a paid for feature or ad, simply my personal take on a very personal topic.

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