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Another Zoom call, another style dilemma!

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

The changes to our lives that we have accepted in such a short time are extraordinary. For many our working days will never look the same again. There are real benefits to celebrate - slowing down, simplifying life, enforced creativity. Of course all this is tinged with grief and regret and I sincerely hope that you and yours have been protected, remaining safe long into the future.

Who could have imagined that the working wardrobe of those privileged enough to work from home would come to depend on the impact we make on a screen. Few of us are destined for a future in the media but suddenly we’re scrutinising the anchors on news channels and examining closely what other women wear for these all important Zoom calls.

Stylists like myself may find this endlessly fascinating but there are many who really could care less! Couple this with a loathing of on-line shopping and existing clothes that were bought for very different reasons and suddenly it’s a pain! Let’s be honest, the last thing anyone needs to be doing now is stressing about how they dress for work!

My generous client has agreed to share the Zoom edit I created for her this week. For a creative soul with years of experience in the Wellbeing industry, lockdown has brought many challenges, not least concerning her own health, and she felt in need of a boost. As so many of us are finding we’re dismayed by the state of our casual, comfortable wear, we’re discovering that loungewear is an actual thing! I for one will not be showcasing the threadbare grey joggers that I inherited from my teenage son - even I haven’t the courage to put on a posh top over these! You can be certain that I would stand up to go fetch a glass of water, forgetting the horror below the sightlines of the video camera.

Being very conscious of both budget and that she really didn’t want to support retailers who were using fabrics that damage the environment was a challenge. But, I love a challenge! My client has a wonderful collection of vibrant coloured clothes for wearing to temple and formal family occasions. When she asked for a fresh perspective that still reflected her personality I could see a way to combine her love of exquisite ethnic style and 1950s glamour. She was hoping for something comfortable enough to wear everyday during lockdown but that still made an impact with her online clients and the networking meetings she loves.

I felt a mix of high street staples with a bit of vintage and/or some well designed ethical pieces was the way to go. Luckily wide legged trousers are to be found everywhere and many with an elasticated waist. Maybe you are like me and tend to resist the full on elasticated look, there is something more finished if the front of a pair of trousers is tailored especially if there is a belted look. This definitely gives a nod to the fifties look of wide legs, sensible shoes and a beautiful drapey top. Katherine Hepburn is the perfect icon for my client.

While searching for tops one vintage piece leapt out as being perfect worn tucked into trousers whereas another jewel coloured oversized blouse would work well with my client’s narrow legged churidar style trousers. Personally I love mixing contemporary pieces with vintage, posh with casual or any kind of combination that is slightly different but works for everyday. Luckily my client is the same, simply needing a little guidance towards looks that compliment her personal sense of style.

So what did I pick? The trousers:

Relaxed Lyocell Trousers - 4 colours £59 Arket

Lyocell is a man-made fibre from wood pulp. A next-gen material that is more environmentally friendly, breathable and easy to wear.

Linen Rayon Belted Wide Leg Trousers, £24.90 Uniqlo

Linen is one of the best crops from an environmental point of view and rayon is another man-made fibre derived from plants. These have the 1950s film star vibe my client was looking for while being easy to wear.

The tops:

Striped linen top, £50 Komodo

I love this relaxed, cool look and the yellow is a shade that will look fab on her and work with navy wide legged trousers. This will look very laid back but chic.

VINTAGE 1990s silk ruby red oversized shirt blouse, £28 Six Acre Meadow

Six Acre Meadows is a recent discovery. This blouse is gorgeous. I would suggest wearing with narrow leg trousers to balance the volume. The colour is perfect for my client.

PRELOVED Chic vintage printed satin shirt by Agnes B, £15 One Scoop

One Scoop is a favourite preloved site. The only downside is you need to move fast as the turn around is swift. This rich tone is perfect for my client, might be a little warm for this week but our weather does change fast. Tucked into a pair of cream/white wide legged trousers would be so elegant.

And she loved the selection! I can’t wait to see which options she decides to go with but I am guessing the Agnes B blouse with the cream linen trousers from Uniqlo. I’ll let you know!

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