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“A Stylist! I couldn’t do that!”

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

The other varient of this is "A Stylist, what does that mean?" Neither is an uncommon reaction when I introduce myself and it troubles me.

The first time I encountered such a negative response was very early on after I joined the lovely Stella & Dot team. It was actually quite a lot more aggressive. I had a small pop up stall and was talking to a couple of women. They were casually dressed but clearly cared about what they bought as both had visible designer labels on display. The most interestingly dressed of the pair looked me up and down, sneered and said “Stylist! Do we look like we have the time and money to waste worrying about how we look?”

At that point I could see nowhere to go, complimented her on her bag and was just grateful her friend dragged her away out of embarrassment. The sad thing about this encounter was that both women cared enough to knock another woman down. And one of them at least, really cared about the impression she gave with her own style but wasn’t enjoying it.

How we look isn’t a competition, it isn’t about spending loads of money and it isn’t even about jewellery! Wash my mouth out! Did I really just say that?

I spend a lot of time around self-motivated entrepreneurs, it’s great and also very interesting. Quite a lot of us could get away with working in our pjs or just joggers and a hoody for a significant proportion of our week. That’s very liberating and does work for some people. However, the way we look and present ourselves when we emerge blinking into the daylight tells the world a lot about how we feel about ourselves. It can also give away our pj habit and, I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer that to remain a secret!

Each one of us will have some kinds of jeans we look good in and others which just don’t work. The same goes for tailored trousers, skirts, suits, dresses … you name it there will be a style that is your friend and one that you want to drag away from any encounter. Some of these you will have sussed out for yourself at an early age and are lucky enough to still be able to carry off today. Some styles once worked and now really need to take a back seat.

You may have been lucky enough to have a friend who helped you choose a few pieces that you love. The truly savvy may have researched how a stylist works and either invested in a few sessions getting advice or perhaps just learnt some tricks for themselves.

How you feel when you put on any garment or accessory and look in the mirror is probably the most important aspect of style. It can even be powerful enough to change your mood and give you the extra confidence that makes all the difference.

I would like to explore some of the tricks that can help you with this. Sometimes I’ll find articles from the fashion press, there are loads of wonderful bloggers out there and sometime I’ll share my own ideas. I would value any comments you want to share so that we can begin to build a community who share their Tales in Style.

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