• Initial consultation (no charge) - 20 min phone/Zoom  

  • Reimagine my Style

£75 Online Consultation

1 hour session on Zoom/Skype/​Whatsapp/Facetime to address any style-related aspect that is concerning you. Most popular at the moment are how to look good on Zoom calls while feeling comfortable and how to begin shopping in a sustainable way. This is a one hour session with follow up.

  • Reconnect with the clothes I have in my wardrobe

£75 Online Wardrobe Edit

A mini version of the full wardrobe edit and I will be offering these until at least September 2020, reviewing what I offer in line with government guidelines, your safety concerns and my own.​ This is a one hour session with follow up.

  • Be Conscious! Making informed shopping choices

​£75 Online Shopping

For those who hate online shopping and would love a virtual Personal Shopping Experience. You receive a brief questionnaire and we have a 20minute consultation on ​Zoom/Skype/​Whatsapp/Facetime. This is the cost for researching one complete outfit. I provide 3 options for you to choose from and the details for you to order. There is an additional charge for ordering, taking delivery, delivering to you in the West London area, assessing fit and processing returns.

  • Reinvent how I wear my clothes

£250 Pay It Forward Wardrobe Edit

A gift voucher either for yourself or a present for a loved one. I hope to be able to redeem these from August 2020, or earlier if we can come up with a creative/safe way of observing social distancing (do you have a roof terrace outside your bedroom??)​.

  • Re-imagine my style. Make conscious choices

£250 Pay It Forward Personal Shopping Experience

A gift voucher either for yourself or a present for a loved one. I hope to be able to redeem these from August 2020. I will be observing the retail environment, infection rates and government guidelines. I am only happy to resume this service once it is safe to do so.

  • Bespoke services & events 


Online Instant Style Fix £20

An opportunity to review 1 aspect of your current wardrobe, get some suggestions of different ways to wear what you already have and consider what to look out for that might take an outfit to another level.

Includes the 20 minute initial consultation; we then arrange 30 mins on Zoom for you to show me the items you are uncertain about and start getting creative!



Twickenham, UK