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How does this help me?

Does this all sound like a massive luxury to you? Why would you be spending time on how you feel about yourself? What does it matter which face you present to the world? Don't just take my word for it - your style does matter, we can all look good just the way we are and I aim to support your ethical goals in the process.


"Ghislaine really helped me in a number of ways - with understanding what colours suited me, and then also helping me source sustainable clothes to work with my colours and preferences. She even picked up a top for me at a local charity shop she thought would suit me (it does!) Thanks for all the support in embracing a more colourful and sustainable wardrobe, Ghislaine!"

Lauren Jane Roberts, September 2021

"I had the pleasure of attending a workshop given by Ghislaine last week. I was very impressed by the advice I was given (especially as I hadn't been able to give any notice of my questions). I left with several actionable ideas. Although I was nervous of discussing my wardrobe in front of others, Ghislaine made it very easy and fun, and it was a very positive experience. I would happily recommend a meeting with Ghislaine to discuss anything about sustainable fashion."

Jane Parslow, August 2021

"Ghislaine helped me with an online wardrobe edit. The report that followed was comprehensive and gave me new ideas. She made the whole experience fun and easy and I'm looking forward to hitting up the charity shops so that we can find looks to compliment what I already have. There are quite a few empty hangers in my closet, ready & waiting!"

Justine Hales, August 2020

"Having ‘my colours’ done had been on my list of things to do for a very long time. I met Ghislaine, Tales in Style, and this wonderful opportunity presented itself to me! Ghislaine was extremely professional throughout, also given the complexities of covid limitations! I throughly enjoyed having my colours - Spring - revealed to me and would highly recommend Tales In Style for this lovely service."

Kay Lundy, Spring 2021

"My experience with Ghislaine was second to none. She patiently listened to me muse on my style. I wanted clothes that were sustainable, so she asked me about the kinds of clothes I like to wear and what I was looking for (some tops for work Zoom calls). A short while later she came back with a look book, having sourced some amazing tops that perfectly suited the look I was going for. She found things that I couldn't have found by myself and made the process easy and simple. I would recommend Ghislaine and the Be Conscious Online Shopping service to anyone that wants a helping hand in finding sustainable clothing that suits your style. Thank you so much, Ghislaine!"

Lisa Jacob, March 2021

Ghislaine is the perfect person to do your Seasonal Colour Analysis. Not only is she charming, professional and knowledgeable and takes her time to really find your colour match, she is also a walking ad for her business wearing the perfect colours and styling herself. I cannot wait to start getting the right colours for me based on the results of my consultation.

Fiona Grundy, April 2021

Following the Thanksgiving PreLoved Sale:

"Nice group of people. Location close by. Good quality items on sale. Prices mostly reasonable. Nice seating area for drink and chat with friends." anonymous response on Survey Monkey

28th November 2019

"Thank you for taking the time to show me the hidden gems (and horrors) I kept in my wardrobe.

Your help proved invaluable and as a result I am a more confident shopper. I am happy to consider shapes I never thought of before and even bought my first orange cardigan.

Although my experience with you may seem 'simple', 'quick' or even insignificant for some ... it was life changing for me .

You may not know this but... I shop "with you" everywhere I go ... maybe not in person yet but certainly in spirit.

To say that your services as a Stylist are incredible value for money does not do justice to how transformative your approach to clothing and personal styling is."

Paula Trovalusci, Paula Trovalusci Interiors.

May 2019

My first testimonial:

"I loved working with Ghislaine, she really was fun and so helpful. I found at least 6 new outfits in my wardrobe. Ghislaine put tops with trousers, jackets with trousers that I never have considered. She gave me new ideas on block colours and it saved me a fortune as I was going away for a birthday weekend I had a beautiful pair of new trousers with 'nothing ' to match - except she found 2 tops that matched perfectly I was so pleased . Definitely recommend getting Ghislaine to look at your wardrobe she really refreshed mine and she is definitely coming on my next trip for that special outfit"

Barbara Fitzpatrick, Independent Consultant Arbonne

May 2019

PS I had as much fun working with Barbara as she did. It is such a privilege and pleasure to work in this way.

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