Twickenham, UK




My Story


Does anyone get to their 50s without an interesting story to tell, a past that doesn’t quite follow the path they expected to take? I don’t think so! The last thing I expected was to find myself chronically ill, teaching at the local adult college and recently signed by a modelling agency. To be honest I was completely lost.

Scroll forward a few years, I seem to have found myself once more and in the process realised that this happens to many of us at different times in our lives. Rediscovering my interest in fashion, style and vintage clothes was part of this. As my confidence returned I stopped looking inwards. Seeing others struggling in the same way that I once had gave me an idea.

I had recovered my sense of purpose and self partly by faking it! The face I presented to the world was way more assured than I felt inside at that time. Each time I got away with it, the easier it was. There is no magic wand but clothes helped, not lots of clothes, not crazy spending sprees just a few hero pieces that I looked good in. I had heard the 7 second theory, hadn’t really believed it and now I could see this in action.

If I dress to be an invisible 57 year old woman then guess what! Nobody notices me! If I put an outfit together that is eye catching, in the right colours and a style that suits my body type then the compliments start flowing. And sometimes it’s better to fit in, be the team player, so there are pieces in my wardrobe that let me be the chameleon. Of course, I get it wrong sometimes, we all do but these are the moments we learn the most from and the times when the charity shop benefits from my mistakes!