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Personal Style, showing up as your best self, looking towards a sustainable future!

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Sustainable Fashion Hub Brighton

Sustainable Fashion Streets

How can we bring Sustainable Fashion to every UK high street?

One sustainable clothing, textiles and fashion venture at a time. Help build a more circular economy in your community.



Who do I work with?

​Do you struggle deciding what to wear or what to buy?

Is there a vague niggle of guilt when you hit the shops?

Have you begun to feel invisible?

Have there been a lot of changes in your life recently?


Understanding the fit that suits your lifestyle and body type is a great place to start. Learning to confidently express your core values is a skill, we can all benefit from. And lets remember to have fun with the clothes you already have!

Finding the colours that make your skin glow is transformational. The colours you choose express so much about you. Did you know that you can bring some joy into a room simply with the colours you are wearing?

I have a fondness for pre-loved items and a passion for our beautiful planet.  There is a movement for change in the relationship we have with our clothes. This can start in your closet! I am here to help anyone who would like to embrace a more holistic way of living without compromising on style. 

This work can happen privately 1:1, with your partner /or friends. I also offer workshops and group styling sessions.

"I  love the report Ghislaine, its absolutely brilliant and so interesting about skintone, make up etc  as well as my WOW colours"

"My experience with Ghislaine was second to none. She patiently listened to me muse on my style. I wanted clothes that were sustainable, so she asked me about the kinds of clothes I like to wear and what I was looking for (some tops for work Zoom calls). A short while later she came back with a look book, having sourced some amazing tops that perfectly suited the look I was going for. She found things that I couldn't have found by myself and made the process easy and simple. I would recommend Ghislaine"

"Ghislaine is the perfect person to do your Seasonal Colour Analysis. Not only is she charming, professional and knowledgeable and takes her time to really find your colour match, she is also a walking ad for her business wearing the perfect colours and styling herself. I cannot wait to start getting the right colours for me based on the results of my consultation."

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Sustainable Styling

Are you curious about slow fashion?  It's possible you don't know where to start. A taster session is a good place to begin.

Many are looking to make changes. There are so many ways I can support you with this. This can be as simple as reviving your sense of style. 

If you are ready to dive in and make the commitment to sustainable style. Exploring you unique Style Story begins the slow fashion way and is personalised for your needs. 


​I am delighted to be able to offer most my services both in person (depending on location) and on-line. 

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Together we  explore your style personality and discover the best styles for your body type.

Online  from £75

approx 3/4 hour on Zoom with some preparatory work and follow up.


Style Revival!

We  explore your style personality, work out your seasonal colour palette and discuss the best styles for your body type. With these tools you are ready to make conscious choices everytime you shop.

Online or in person from £150

from 1.5 hours with preparatory work

& follow up

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Your Style Story

Creating your ethical wardrobe . We look in more depth at your needs. Evaluating your wardrobe. Exploring the colours in your seasonal pallete to create the impact you seek. Personal  shopping, combining online & in person 

A mix of online & in person  from £400

We work together over 4 weeks with follow ups available.

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