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Sustainable Style!

Is it time to change?

Hi! I am Ghislaine and I would love to help you to make the most of your wardrobe. Sustainable Style is about showing up as your best self!

How do you feel when you see yourself in the mirror?

​Do you struggle deciding what to wear or what to buy?

Is there a vague niggle of guilt when you hit the shops?

Have you begun to feel invisible?

There is so much I can do to help. Understanding the fit that suits your lifestyle and body type is a great place to start. Learning to confidently express your core values is a skill that we can all benefit from. Perhaps the most important thing is remembering to have fun with the clothes you already have!

Finding the colours that make your skin glow is just the beginning. The colours you choose express so much about you. Did you know that you can bring some joy into a room simply with the colours you are wearing?

I have a fondness for pre-loved items and a passion for our beautiful planet.  As we enter a new phase in 2021 there is a movement for change in the relationship we have with our clothes. This can start in your closet! I am here to help anyone who would like to embrace a more holistic way of living without compromising on style. 

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